Partner Testimonials

VFR has been invaluable in helping Oregon execute a statewide strategic plan for addiction and recovery. Implementing a statewide strategy for tracking recovery prevalence will help us serve those that need us most.

Oregon Recovers
Brent Canode, Co-Founder

Gaining the ability to evaluate the ARHE and S.A.F.E. Project leadership academy has been instrumental in growing the program. Our stakeholders have access to meaningful metrics and know exactly how our participants are progressing!

ARHE Leadership Academy
Executive Director, Tim Rabolt

VFR helped us figure out the best way to launch our band within our local recovery community, and the response so far has been phenomenal. Thanks VFR!

Unity Yoga
Unity Yoga
Arielle, Founder

Overcoming the hurdles of recovery residence regulation was a tough process…VFR not only assisted us every step of the way, but helped to refine our policies and procedures to ensure every one we served had exactly what they needed to be successful

Brotherly Love House
Devin R., Owner

Much of my work as a writer involves providing sources of reliable information, translating scientific studies into relatable articles, and bringing to the fore the compelling and groundbreaking research of recovery scientists who are working tirelessly to provide a realistic picture of recovery in order to better inform policy and resources. As one of those leading recovery scientists, Robert and VFR are my No. 1 source of information. He is approachable, providing speedy evidence-based information and sources. Even better, he takes the time to apply context to these valuable studies. Robert goes to great lengths to connect to stakeholders within the wider recovery community. He and VFR are a true asset to us and to science.

Liv’s Recovery Kitchen
Olivia Pennelle, Founder

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