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VFR Consultants assists emerging recovery communities and institutions in expanding into the 21st century. Founded in 2015 on principles of empowerment and inclusion, we support the evolution of recovery and holistic wellness through the creation of viable educational tools, programs, evaluation, research, and services which support visions of wellness and recovery for professional organizations, local communities, federal and state agencies, and behavioral health service providers.

We believe in community-based participatory approaches for all of our projects. All of our partners rely on our commitment to being part of the organization, not just outsiders with expertise.

Technical Assistance

Whether you need additional education on a topic or intensive support in implementing new evidence-based practices, our technical assistance team can help you realize your goals


We help you shape and position your services in a way that enhances the impact of everything you do

Program Evaluation

Ensuring your program is having the intended impact is critical for sustainability, our evaluators have the insights and expertise with small to large projects of every type

Grant Writing and

Our grant writers and consultants help you put your best foot forward, capturing grant dollars that can take your organization to the next level

Policy Analysis

From local to federal, our policy analysts work side-by-side with our partners to help evaluate strategic alternatives to help you make the decisions that matter

Independent Research

Our visionaries specialize in partnering with your team to develop full-scale independent research projects to answer your most pressing questions

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VFR has been invaluable in helping Oregon execute a statewide strategic plan for addiction and recovery. Implementing a statewide strategy for tracking recovery prevalence will help us serve those that need us most.

Oregon Recovers
Brent Canode, Co-Founder

Gaining the ability to evaluate the ARHE and S.A.F.E. Project leadership academy has been instrumental in growing the program. Our stakeholders have access to meaningful metrics and know exactly how our participants are progressing!

ARHE Leadership Academy
Executive Director, Tim Rabolt

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