Company History

company history

Visions for Recovery (VFR) has a long and storied history in the world of recovery communities and strategic partnerships. We have been pioneers in the field for over 5 years and are known for taking innovative steps and challenging the status quo. We are very proud of our achievements and all the people who led us here.

  • 2013

    finding the vision

    Realizing there was a lack of community-based and recovery-informed consulting firms, we set out to start our own. Our mission? To lift up the lived experiences of the community and those it serves.

  • 2015

    growing our reach

    A few years in we had grown past only supporting and learning from the recovery community and had taken our approach to federal agencies and other social service organizations

  • 2017

    growing our family

    2018 marked the first time we expanded our visionary team and started offering policy analysis services as the country really began valuing the lived experience of those in recovery

  • 2019

    towards the future

    Our journey has only brought us higher. Recovery-informed consulting and services completely change the way we interact with communities and organizations. As we move towards the future we intend to continue learning from our partners and making an even bigger impact!

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VFR has been invaluable in helping Oregon execute a statewide strategic plan for addiction and recovery. Implementing a statewide strategy for tracking recovery prevalence will help us serve those that need us most.

Oregon Recovers
Brent Canode, Co-Founder

Gaining the ability to evaluate the ARHE and S.A.F.E. Project leadership academy has been instrumental in growing the program. Our stakeholders have access to meaningful metrics and know exactly how our participants are progressing!

ARHE Leadership Academy
Executive Director, Tim Rabolt

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