Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning
Strategy begins with a review of where you have been
and where you want to go.
Our strategic visionaries will be there every step of the way
Short or Long-Term?
Whether you are looking to solve short-term obstacles,
or innovate for the future
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Strategic planning

Strategic planning means planning in a way that intentionally maximizes outcomes and reduces obstacles. In our experience, many organizations reach success once but then end up floundering as they seek to grow or continue making positive impact in their communities. One of the main reasons for this is that these organizations did not plan for the short and long-term strategically. The goal of our strategic planning projects are to ensure our partners are always working towards their goals.

  • Many early stage organizations have not yet developed their first strategic plan, which can lead to a lack of direction
  • We recommend an initial 3-year strategic plan for all early stage organizations
  • For more established organizations, a revolving 3-5 year strategic plan is often important to prevent mission creep and continue steady growth
  • Early stage organizations
  • Mid-late stage organizations

Planning with purpose

Establish priorities

Identifying organizational priorities as a first step is critical to a successful process

Engage multiple stakeholders

Strategic plans aren’t only internal documents. They should include feedback and buy-in from all stakeholders engaged with your organization

Realistic timelines

After establishing priorities, we work with our partners to ensure they are realistic and that timelines for reaching those milestones are set at the right pace.

Measuring progress

Strategic plans are not stagnant documents. They are living, breathing, and changeable plans. Our team works with our partners to measure progress towards goals and updates plans as needed.

Why partners choose us


We’ve helped many organizations create strategic plans that have had measurable impact specific to their organization

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A strategic plan without a focus on the community it impacts lacks true strategy. Our team is always focused on the bigger picture.

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Not every organization is the same, and either is every strategic plan. We never use a cookie-cutter approach to our strategic planning projects.

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