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Independent Research

Many of our partners have robust research questions concerning their services, their communities, or a combination of both. Often times partnering with an academic institution may not be possible, so our team seeks to fill that important gap. This allows our partners to find their answers in a cost-effective and rigorous manner.

Our visionaries specialize in partnering with your team to develop full-scale independent research projects to answer your most pressing questions

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We help our partners answer questions every year – no project is too small or too big

Independent Research Projects

Our partners are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them. By thinking outside the box, it is possible to:

  • Find a quality research partner with lower overhead costs
  • Answer the important questions in a timely manner
  • Manage a full-scale research project without increasing the size of your team
  • Increase the impact of your organization’s services
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality

Research beyond the lab, in the community

We ensure that all stakeholders are included in the process, beginning every project with a formative evaluation.

Our research projects always take a strengths-based approach so as to uplift the communities they impact.

All of our projects take an academic and practical focus, ensuring that results are easily translated into meaningful change. Research with practical implications helps to foster change.

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VFR has been invaluable in helping Oregon execute a statewide strategic plan for addiction and recovery. Implementing a statewide strategy for tracking recovery prevalence will help us serve those that need us most.

Oregon Recovers
Brent Canode, Co-Founder

Gaining the ability to evaluate the ARHE and S.A.F.E. Project leadership academy has been instrumental in growing the program. Our stakeholders have access to meaningful metrics and know exactly how our participants are progressing!

ARHE Leadership Academy
Executive Director, Tim Rabolt

VFR helped us figure out the best way to launch our band within our local recovery community, and the response so far has been phenomenal. Thanks VFR!

Unity Yoga
Unity Yoga
Arielle, Founder

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