Grant Writing

Grant Writing and Management

Our grant writing team has helped our partners secure funding across a range of sources, including federal opportunities, state and local competitive bids, and foundational grants. We work with your team to put together a stellar application that leverages outcomes data with personal stories to tell a compelling narrative.

Our grant writers and consultants help you put your best foot forward, capturing grant dollars that can take your organization to the next level

Securing your sustainability

  • Federal Grants
  • State and Local Competitive Bids
  • Foundation Grants

You can transform your organization by winning that next grant bid and ensuring sustainability and impact

Planning & strategy

Our partners have secured a range of funding for innovative services and initiatives;

  • Strategic planning grants
  • Evaluation grants
  • Service expansion grants
  • Community needs assessment grants
  • New program and operations grants

Grant writing made easy

Identifying the right opportunities for your organization is a time consuming task. For our partners, we provide a monthly digest of relevant opportunities that make the most since for your mission and goals. Our digests include:

  • an overview of the opportunity;
  • a review of technical requirements;
  • a summary of how it is a programmatic fit for our partner;
  • and, an estimated timeline for drafting to submission to ensure appropriate bandwidth.

Each grant writing project starts with learning about your organization, who it serves, and where you most want to make impact.

We compile local, regional, and national data to support your grant application, and compile it with your outcomes data and personal stories of success to create a compelling narrative.

Once the grant application is done, we aren’t done yet! We will help you provide a response to any requests for more information. Once you’ve secured your grant, we can help with implementation as well.

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VFR has been invaluable in helping Oregon execute a statewide strategic plan for addiction and recovery. Implementing a statewide strategy for tracking recovery prevalence will help us serve those that need us most.

Oregon Recovers
Brent Canode, Co-Founder

Gaining the ability to evaluate the ARHE and S.A.F.E. Project leadership academy has been instrumental in growing the program. Our stakeholders have access to meaningful metrics and know exactly how our participants are progressing!

ARHE Leadership Academy
Executive Director, Tim Rabolt

VFR helped us figure out the best way to launch our band within our local recovery community, and the response so far has been phenomenal. Thanks VFR!

Unity Yoga
Unity Yoga
Arielle, Founder

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